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Righteous Javascript, Dude! (Being a teenage programmer)


Over the last few years, there's been a major push to encourage young people to program. There's been initiatives like, or Valve's Pipeline. While some of these feature the teens themselves, many of them instead are featuring the adults, in hopes to inspire teenagers. I may not speak for everyone, but I'd much rather hear about programming from another teen who could relate to my situation, rather than some adult who's already "made it".

With this talk, I'd like to talk about why I was inspired to start programming now and what I think the challenges are of being a teenage programmer. I'll also talk about mentorship, and how everyone can have a part in shaping the future of programmers. And since this is a JS conference, I'll talk about why I think Javascript is the best first language for any programmer, especially teenagers.

Speaker Bio


Zach is your average Canadian teenager: enjoys talking with friends, likes to sleep in, procrastinates homework a bit too much, the usual. He also works as an engineering intern for a company based in California. Huh. Maybe not so "average" after all. Javascript, especially Node.js, is his passion. Aside from Javascript, he enjoys editing videos, making cheesy edits of photos for friends, and some light gaming. And, of course, being a totally righteous dude. :sunglasses: