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Audio Tags: Web Components + Web Audio = <3


Web Components are all the rage. Their declarative syntax and the power they put in the hands of the developers to build and extend blocks without having to wait for browser implementations are the prelude to a revolution when it comes to developing for the web.

But... can we use them for anything else than creating new UI elements? What if we joined them with another exciting HTML5 API such as Web Audio?


This talk will discuss Audio Tags: a series of Web Components that encapsulate Web Audio objects, and the potential applications of such project: interactive circuit visualisations, DSP chains, additive synthesis modelling (AKA "build your own synthetiser!"... in JavaScript!), etc. And of course, the potential shortcomings and pitfalls one can find and quite possibly fall for when developing a mashup of these dimensions.

Speaker Bio


By day I work at Mozilla's Apps Engineering team, building and helping people build Open Web Apps. By evening, night and sometimes dawn, I make music and things to make more music, or simply listen to music, learn about weird musical instruments, and try to replicate them with JavaScript.