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Six bottles of RUM: surprising stories of real world mobile performance

Peter McLachlan


Thanks to abstraction, web developers enjoy a remarkably homogeneous development environment even across browsers and computing architectures. But abstraction only provides the illusion of a common platform: the implementation complexities of browser, operating system, hardware and wireless network can turn development best practices into anti-patterns.

Real world measurement at scale is the only reliable way for web engineers to understand the performance behaviour of routine techniques, considered to be best practices in desktop web development, on smartphones running on cellular data networks.

In this talk, we'll go over surprising results of real world RUM tests on modern mobile web browsers with millions of samples answering questions such as:

Speaker Bio

Peter McLachlan is co-founder and the chief architect of Mobify, the open mobile platform powering mobile experiences for top brands such as Siemens, British Telecom and Expedia. He leads R&D, infrastructure and security for Mobify's software & systems. Peter holds an MSc in Computer Science from UBC where he studied visualization of large scale networking data. On sunny days he leads kettle-bell workouts on Mobify’s rooftop patio.