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Front End Dependency Management

Bower/RequireJS v. Browserify/npm/CommonJS

Description of talk

There have been many heated debates about how you should structure and manage your JavaScript code; specifically what module pattern to use: RequireJS or CommonJS. One's allegiance is usually determined by environment variables -- Node or the browser. As the front end world goes barreling into the future, this distinction is beginning to get blurry. Let's take an objective look at the advantages and disadvantages of each approach and have a healthy conversation as to why you would choose one over the other. Let's hug it out. Won't you join me?

Description of talker


Joe Sepi @joesepi is a VP of Engineering for Novus Partners and is the architect behind the rewrite of their financial analytics platform. Before Novus, you could find him at The New York Times doing Sr. JavaScript Engineer-like things and handling Development Manager-ish duties; he also squeezed in a lot of Dev Relations/Advocacy work somehow. Mysteriously, his driver's license says Joseph Crane-Messina.

Joe also records and performs music of the post-rock variety. In reality though, most of his time is spent with his brilliant wife, charming son and their band of furry bandits.