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High-Performance WebGL Apps with LLJS and asm.js


Asm.js is a technology to unlock high performance in today's JavaScript engines, but it's only meant as a compilation target for C/C++ applications and is not easily accessible to JavaScript developers.

Low-Level JavaScript (LLJS) is an experimental language from Mozilla that mixes C-like language constructs with JavaScript. In this talk I will explain how I ported LLJS to run on asm.js, allowing web developers to tap into the huge performance gains with asm.js. Using LLJS, you can integrate low-level code that runs on asm.js with JavaScript apps easily. I will explore a high-performance WebGL app that uses this.

LLJS is in its infancy, and I will also discuss our plans for the future.

Speaker Bio


I work for Mozilla and help developers write web apps. In my heart I'm an idealist but I've learned to mix practicality with idealism when approaching software problems. I have a heavy functional programming background with Scheme, and used to write DirectX games in high-school in C++. In fact, I wrote a text-based RPG on my TI-82 calculator during math class in 7th grade. It didn't take off like I thought it would.