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Making WebRTC awesome


Right now WebRTC is like a young, immature, olympic hopeful. Everyone knows it's going to do amazing things, it's got tons of talent, piles of potential but at the same time it's raw, unrefined, unpredictable and a bit hard to work with.

Browser support is all over the map, APIs are inconsistent, documentation is still basically crap and everyone's writing tools and libraries with various levels of adoption and support.

In a time where things like Prism threaten the openness and freedom of the web, as implmentors and builders we need to do whatever we can to push this all-too-important standard forward.

I'll discuss the challenges, the opportunities and share what we're trying to do with SimpleWebRTC and In addition I'll discuss two yet-to-be-announced initiatives: - One for promoting and pushing WebRTC support and quality forward. - One that aims to establish a completely open source, easy to set up, fully interoperable WebRTC server that uses the existing standardized federated messaging protocol, XMPP.

Speaker Bio


JS dev and partner at &yet. Lead developer on and And Bang. Author of SimpleWebRTC and the upcoming book: Human Javascript.